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Redwood Park Academy


Class Teacher: Ben Wright

Welcome to Mountbatten Class one of our Key Stage 3 classes here at Redwood Park Academy.

Autumn 2021

Welcome to Mountbatten class 2021-22

We know that every child is different, and we want to celebrate that fact. As part of our English lessons, we've just had our first show and tell session of the year. It was the chance to come together and share things that are important to us. It helps us learn to be respectful,  listen to others and express ourselves in front of a group. It also gives us the chance to share what ignites our passion or brings us comfort and happiness.

We're still finding our feet as a new class; and some things aren't the same as last year which can sometimes be a little bit daunting for students. But change is also the chance for new and exciting experiences.

Redwood is a space for students to get the support they deserve to flourish as young people, and Mountbatten class is no different.

In Mountbatten we are going to continue to learn the skills that help us to care for ourselves, others, and our communities that began in year 7, and we are excited for a great year ahead of us.