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Redwood Park Academy


Class Teacher: Katie Kops

Welcome to Wedgewood Class one of our Key Stage 4 classes here at Redwood Park Academy.

Autumn 2021

Welcome to Wedgewood class 2022!

Wedgewood class have been very excited to start the new school year! We have already started the term by drawing and painting self portraits to decorate our new classroom. We have also enjoyed spending time with the chickens and discovering the different things in the garden that they like to eat.

Wedgewood have been learning about the properties of shapes in Maths and we are hoping to link this to our termly topic of ‘Grand Designs’ as the weeks progress. The students have also been having fun in their new options classes, having chosen from cooking, art, sport, performing arts and multi-media amongst others.

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!